Since students in 5th-8th grade will be taking their iPad back and forth from home to school, the iPad must be protected from damage that may occur during handling and traveling. Our IT department has researched which cases provide the most protection, and recommends four different cases for our families to consider. (Links to approved cases appear below.) These specific cases are not mandatory; they are a guideline. Families must purchase any case that is substantially similar to those recommended.

Additionally, our IT department has identified a few cases that our families should avoid because they do not meet protection requirements. You will need to purchase an iPad case which meets the following guidelines before school begins. Our IT staff will be examining each student’s iPad case on August 21, and will only issue iPads to students with cases that meet protection requirements. You will not be charged for iPad insurance, so please make sure you select a protective case.

Approved cases:

✅ Fit 6th generation iPad (Also called the 2018 9.7" iPad)

✅ Encase all sides and most of the back in a hard material

✅ Cover all corners with hard material

Examples of Approved Cases

These are only examples; cases similar to these are also acceptable